Horse Boarding Anderson SC Riding Lessons Stable

We believe that horses are happiest mentally, emotionally and physically when they live outside with the opportunity to move and graze all day in their natural herd environment. In order to keep them the healthiest and happiest, we offer them the most natural environment that we can by offering pasture board only.  We have stalls available for feeding and extra care in the event a horse is sick, injured, or for special circumstance. We are happy to accommodate layovers and those traveling with their equine partners as well. We have limited trailer hookups, as well as outdoor 75'x75' turnout pens. Call us for pricing on our boarding options.

Standard Board

  • 24/7 access to grass pasture and hay as needed
  • Feed once per day 

    All horses are brought in to individual stalls for daily feeding to ensure that they receive their appropriate feed ration/supplements and they can be fully checked over

  • We are happy to include daily supplements (owner provided)
  • Blanketing in the winter or fly sheets in summer (owner provided)
  • Hosing off in the summer months as needed
  • Fly spray as needed (owner provided)
  • Schedule appointments with and hold horse for Vet and Farrier (owner responsible to pay vet/farrier charges)

Stall rental for non-boarders or overnight travelers

  • Call for pricing and options